Santa Barbara Gifts for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

You Are Special

Angels Bearing Gifts brings happiness to people with developmental disabilities who have no one to remember them by providing gifts on birthdays and holidays. Read more »

You Are Special

You Are Special

We foster compassion within the community towards those with developmental disabilities via year-round educational outreach and volunteer activities. Read more »

You Are Special

Our Story

Angels Bearing Gifts is the story of a mother whose adult child is developmentally disabled. What if I were not here to celebrate her birthday she wondered—who would? This mother became an activist when she learned that there are hundreds of adults with developmental disabilities in Santa Barbara County who have outlived their families or whose families have withdrawn from their lives.

Evelynn Smith started Angels Bearing Gifts in 1999, delivering December holiday presents to nine individuals with developmental disabilities who would have otherwise gone unremembered. Today there are almost 200 beneficiaries to whom we declare “you are special” by remembering them on their birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Hanukkah and Christmas. We have pledged to do this for as long as they live.

We are confident we will reach those who continue to wait for our service. And we are grateful for the enthusiasm of our community and their generosity in supporting our mission.

We fly on the wings of your generosity.


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