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Ciro’s Story

The interior world of this profoundly autistic man is expressed through his ability to produce music. It invites us to know him. Sometimes it insists. Sometimes it pleads.

A trumpet in Ciro’s hands is a pen in a writer’s hand; a brush in a painter’s hand

He’s been playing for over 20 years since the day he saw a trumpet at school, picked it up, and reproduced familiar songs. He has an extraordinary musical memory.

But it’s jazz that gives Ciro the most expressive vocabulary for his emotions. Its improvisational, explorative form gives him the freedom to go so many places.

Ciro has been fortunate to find encouragement for his musical journey from group home staff and day program instructors. We, in turn, are fortunate to know him.

And man, he has one sweet gig coming up. He will be scoring the Angels mini-documentary “In Their Own Words.”

Mini Documentary Project

“In Their Own Words”

You’re looking at the faces of some of our beneficiaries. You may be wondering what their lives are like, what they do every day, what they think. You may even be wondering—what does Angels Bearing Gifts mean to them?

We have an exciting project in the works—a mini-documentary.

Our beneficiaries will tell their stories and our supporters (and future supporters) will hear their voices, hear in their own words how much Angels means to them on their birthdays and holidays.

Our mini-doc will cost $1,000 a minute and if you help Angels fund this project you’ll get a producer credit along with Ivan Reitman (“Ghostbusters” “Dave”) who has gotten us off to a great start by donating $1,000. Thanks for believing in us, Mr. Reitman.

This project is an investment in the future of Angels Bearing Gifts. It will be a powerful fundraising tool as well as a historical record of our organization, useful and informative for the next generation of Angels.

Hap Freund and his capable crew at SBTV will take us from dream to dvd. We can’t wait!

      We will happily receive donations today as well as pledges.

                                       Thank you.

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